How do I move my Tokify-Calendar to a new site?

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Hi all,

I made a website for a client in which I used Tokify for my clients events. The Client entered all events for the rest of the year. Now we wanted to try another approach to the layout and design of the website. So I duplicated the existing site in my Duda dashboard. But the section with the Tokify widget just shows the demo calendar. I tried to install the Tokify app in this instance, only to realize this would create a whole new Tokify instance without any events.

So: How can I move/copy the already filled up Tokify calender to my new site (within the same Duda account)?

Thank you very much!


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    Might be a question that @the_duda_app_guy can help with. I'm assuming that the Tokify events and config only pertain to the original site or where the events were configured. If it's an updated design you are going for, you could work on that in the new site and then save the design as a template. When ready - perform a reset on your current/good site that uses Tokify and select the new template as your design. That may be the workaround needed for this case. Or.. perhaps Tokify support or Duda support can migrate your Tokify events/content to the new site….

    See @Aj_Cre8's comment here about performing a reset:


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    Ok, sounds unhandy but doable. Will try tomorrow… Thank you very much…

  • rickNweg
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    Worked! Thanks again