Info not displaying in row on specific page after republishing

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On a certain page we have always copied info then inserted the updated images and info, replacing the previous info. In our last update our image and info is not displaying as it normally would after being republished, however the info is visible on the back end. We have tried to trouble shoot with no success. Any advice to this specific issue and if not where can we get assistance?



  • Thomas_Connery
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    Hi Kelly, just for the heck of it, can you try to publish just the single page you updated? Also, have you checked desktop, tablet, and mobile? Are all devices not displaying the new image and text as you expect?

  • Kelly_Skincare75
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    Thank you for your prompt response! I will attach photos for context. I'm unable to publish the page as shown above with your recommendation. "Nicoles Journey" is not displaying. We typically copy the last "journey" then replace the info and photos with the updated client. When we republish we click the republish button located in the upper right corner. When I attempted to try it by right clicking I get an upgrade message. We have always republished our work using the button in the upper right hand corner and I cannot figure out why this time the newest journey is not displaying.

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    The pages are hidden. Can you type the URL manually and see if that works??

  • Kelly_Skincare75
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    All of the pages under this section are hidden, so the names do not display in the pull down, but the content is displayed on our website, with the exception of this particular one which is only displaying on the back end and the settings are identical to the others.