#TuesdayTips: How to Add Adobe Fonts to Duda Websites

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Hi there!

For this week's tip, I wanted to walk through how to add Adobe fonts to a Duda website. There are a few steps you may not know about, but it's a pretty easy process.

  • Adding the code that should be the same for all Adobe fonts (it's noted below)
    • <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  • How to change the global H1 tags to the desired Adobe font
  • How to clear formatting for a text box where the font was changed, breaking the connection with the global settings
  • How to change the global paragraph font
    • The selector that is specific to the global paragraph font is (in the video I find it by searching for the current font my site was set to):
      • #dm div.dmInner,#dm div.dmInner .dmRespCol,#dm
        .dmRespCol div.dmNewParagraph,#dm .ecwid .ec-store,#dm
        .dmform .dmforminput label,.dmPrettyList
        .listText,.dmPrettyList .itemName,#dm .dmRestaurantMenu .menuItemBox,.dmRestaurantMenu
        .menuItemDesc,.dmRestaurantMenu .menuItemPrice,.dmPhotoGallery .caption-text.caption-text,.dmGeoLocation a span.dmGeoMLocItemTitle,.dmGeoLocation a span.dmGeoMLocItemDetails,.map-popup-description
  • How to change the font for a specific text box (rather than the global font settings)

Here are a couple of quick notes as well:

  • While the editor does make a backup of the site when the developer mode is accessed, we do recommend making a manual one prior to accessing it just in case. 
  • We also recommend making a backup of the site before adjusting an element's code (for instance, when I changed the font for one text box)

Just in case, here are a couple of articles:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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