Specific question about real estate websites for a widget project

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Hello! I'm researching a request to build something similar to Zillow for Duda, but with less features, and as a widget. I'm trying to understand where folks source their real estate listing data and what types of data/information are available from those sources and how beneficial this type of project would be.

In terms of related tools, I know IDX is a big one, but I'm trying to avoid it as I've heard it's expensive and hard to work with. If anyone has an example of IDX or another real estate API/provider on a Duda site w/ a searchable map that looks nice and that can display filtered results, that might be sufficient and I will point to that solution provider instead of building one.

When I look at MLS listing APIs they seem to be extremely expensive and not oriented towards small shops. Here are some of my questions:

  • Do any clients simply curate their own real estate data with a spreadsheet/database and/or a script to scrape other sites?
  • Would it be beneficial to bring in things like local landmarks, school locations, etc with an API that provides that data and maps it?
  • Would an associated monthly cost for that type of API be out of the question? (They require a fee per request) or a model where you get billed every X requests a flat rate?
  • Do clients have massive geographies, or tend to be in one metro area?
  • If you already have a listing site, how many visits do you get on your listing page per month on some of your heavier traffic sites?
  • Is there a huge benefit to having a map for searching property listings, in your opinion?

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  • Shane_Hodge
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    Liz we have and IDX Widget for USA which now we do "Upon Request" and we also have the same for Australia. In the USA IDX really covers the market. For that Real Estate Business its an MLS World so really not much choice you have to work with whomever is supplying the feed. The main issue I have seen? People will pay for a widget but all of a sudden they see they also need an account with the MLS Provider and they are up in arms as they think the widget does it all, thats not the case. You would also find there is others out there but there Marketing methods are a bit "they speak with fork tongue" Not a great fan of the business to be honest, its dominated by a few niche players and Real Estate groups who market the whole package, much prefer to deal with independents and use Dynamic Pages and our widget and build something special than the the MLS dominate the page.

  • Sam
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    I provide services to real estate clients. I gotta say, I really think they are doing it wrong when it comes to their websites. They think they somehow compete with Zillow if they have their own IDX feed on their site. So they pay up to a couple hundred dollars a month displaying listing on their website. But nobody goes to their site, Instead everyone pretty much goes to Zillow now.

    The other infuriating thing is that they insist on capturing a user's data as soon as they start searching the listings. Most people at that point will exit and head over to Zillow.

    I think a lot of the things you are asking about in your bullet points are already available through third parties such as IDX Broker or their local MLS website.

  • eastwop
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    We got our Buying Buddy IDX plugin working with Duda a couple of years ago and it works well. We worked with the Duda team back in 2020 to make it all work smoothly. Everything is seamlessly added to your Duda pages including search forms, maps, properties, lead capture etc - all of which are on your domain. Let me know if we can help.