Over 3 years later getting poor results. Webdev or what else?


I hired a reseller to build my site over 3 years ago. He has been very eager to help with support, but SEO is NOT his forte' and he knows this. My site, ageektogo.com won't even index on bing/microsoft even though it was first seen by the platform in 2019 when it was STILL WORDPRESS.

I'm leery of posting this because it usually generates 100's of devs coming out of the woodwork to achieve 'my goals' based on their skillsets and not actually knowing if their efforts will succeed.

I taught myself to code html a long time ago and gave up on my managing my own site around Dreamweaver 4 so I know my way around a little bit.

How does one go about troubleshooting my site and why it won't rank or get the phone to ring, without giving too many people access to the site, analytics, etc.?

Grateful for any help!


  • Thomas_Connery
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    Anyone who works in SEO, even the basics, can run some scans on your site and audit it in order to help steer you in the right direction. There are a number of Duda Experts who can help also. You should not need to grant access to your site or analytics unless you want to hire someone to help you. Reviews, assessments, and estimates do not require such access.

  • harley_helmer95
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    Hey Tractionless,

    A simple crawl of your site reveals quite a few technical SEO issues:

    Additionally, it doesn't look like there's much SEO strategy or planning behind the content that's being produced on your site. Articles are a bit lackluster and don't properly display the expertise you have in your industry!

    Attached is a quick snapshot of your non-branded keywords and rankings as I see them in Semrush. with Google Search Console I could have a better understanding of what pages are working/not working for you and any distinct issues Google has with your site.

    I also see you have multiple locations which indicates you should be focusing on a Local SEO strategy. There are some areas for improvement on your location pages. I also ran a quick directory listing scan on your SC location and found some major inconsistencies there too. Multiple major directories online either have the wrong information or are missing it entirely.

    Your industry is competitive and will take a concerted effort, budget, and strategy to get the phone ringing and form submissions rolling in.

    The agency I work for is a full-service digital marketing agency founded on SEO specialization and Duda partner. Let me know if you want to chat more about your goals.

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    Welcome to the Duda Community, @Tractionless!

    Getting your page to a good ranking position in a search result requires a lot more than just having proper HTML/CSS/JS. There are a number of techniques, strategies and a lot of ongoing analysis that needs to be done in order to get your site to rank higher.

    SEO specialists, like @harley_helmer95, will often use a combination of approaches to help local businesses like you get to the first page, rank higher, and get more calls. These will include not only looking for technical issues with your site's pages, but also advising you on improving the structure of your site, as well as updating and refining your site content so that it looks more 'relevant' to the searches where you want to show. Some will also advise you on building 'backlinks' — getting your site to be mentioned by other sites — and on keeping appropriate presence on strategic platforms, like social media sites and online forums, directories and maps, and getting online reviews (all of which can help you look like an 'authority' for search engines). SEO specialists will also keep an eye on your competitors, because even if you're doing everything 'right', if your competitors are doing it 'better', it will affect your rankings.

    Last of all, keep in mind that SEO — and online marketing, for that matter — is only a small part of what your business can do in order to increase the number of enquiries you get. There are many, many types of sales and marketing promotions you can run, both online and in the real world, to increase your client numbers. Your website will be, for most businesses, only part of your overall promotional strategy for the business. If you are a small operator in a region already saturated with competitors, you might find that real-world activities — such as engaging with local chambers of commerce and business networking groups, and looking for referral and strategic partners — might be just as effective.