#TuesdayTips: How to Redirect From the Contact Form URL

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Hello to our beautiful community!

I'm Alex from Duda's support team, here to bring this week's tip for you guys!

I'll show in the video below, how to redirect visitors to another URL, after submitting a new contact form!

Extra tip:

If you want visitors to download a file instead, you can upload a file in your Content > Media Manager, get the file's URL, and redirect them directly to the file!

To get the URL, you just need to select the file in the media manager, and its name on the information panel will have the file's URL, like in this screenshot:

Some important notes:

  • URL redirects only work for non-existent pages, so make sure you delete that created page to guarantee it will work.
  • If you need to add new fields or other changes to the form after following the guide, not a problem! As long as you don't disable the "Redirect to a page after submission", the settings will remain untouched 😊

Hope this can be helpful!

Let's Duda this, Alex

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