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I wanted to edit my website accordingly to each display, I mean, at the desktop version I have all set, but when I'm editting tablet and mobile phone version, all of my edits are also shown at the desktop screen. Is there a way I can lock it? I mean, I want to adjust the images for instance, for the mobile screen size, but all of the edits I wanted to be only for the mobile screen version. Is that possible?

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  • visioncraft
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    First of all, let me make sure I understand your issue correctly: there are ‘changes’ that you’re trying to make to your site, which you want to happen only on mobile. But when you make those ‘changes’, they appear on all devices (desktop and tablet, too). The example you’re giving is to try and change an image on mobile - but changing that image on mobile also changes it on all other devices.

    If that is indeed your issue, here is why: Duda makes a distinction between editing a widget’s “content”, and editing its “design”. A widget’s design can be fine-tuned for each device independently - for example, an image widget’s size and position is part of its design, so you can change it separately for each device. A widget’s content, however, is always the same for every device. In the case of an image widget, for example, the image file it displays is part of its content, so the same image displays on all devices.

    So, what happens if you need to display different images on different devices? Duda allows you to also show and hide widgets on specific devices. So you could, for example, have an image widget that shows only on mobile, and another that you show for desktop and tablet. To learn how to hide widgets on specific devices, have a look at this support article:

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  • MarceloLSDias23
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    An important piece of the puzzle, I haven't yet published my website. Would I be able to correct it after publishing it?

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    Absolutely! You can make corrections to your website even after it has been published. Most website platforms allow you to edit and update your content at any time. Just log in to your website's avatar world admin panel, make the necessary changes, and save or republish your updates.

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