How to Use Form Submissions to Populate Internal Collections?

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I would like to setup a form that collects some visitor data and puts it inside an internal collection. I've looked through the Support articles and University courses, but can 't find any info on how to do that. Is this even possible?…

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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @visioncraft,

    I checked with the team and it looks like you'll need to do this with an external collection (ex: Google Sheets) instead. Take a look at the steps below:

    Step 1: Create a blank Google spreadsheet

    Step 2: Build the contact form

    Step 3: Integrate the contact form to the spreadsheet

    Step 4: Submit a response - This step is important and can be done from the preview mode. This will ensure that there is placeholder text on the form.

    Step 5: Connect the collection to the site

    Step 6: Create the dynamic page and connect all the widgets to their respective fields

    Step 7: Publish site and test

    Please Note: It takes up to 2 hours for collections to automatically refresh, so you won’t see the new entry unless you wait or manually refresh the collection.

    I hope this helps and can be a solution for you!


  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 158 Learner

    Thank you so much for looking into this, @ScottyStrehlow !

    We're interested to see if there is a way to work with internal collections - we know there are several ways to connect directly to external data sources, including Airtable and SQL databases, as well as using external tools like Typeform and Zapper to deliver the form data to an external third-party platform, like Google. But we wanted to be able to deliver a solution that was entirely setup within Duda - no external data storage…

  • Linda
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    This is great @ScottyStrehlow Any idea how we can make this work for an image uploaded from a form so that the image displays?

  • danielrvt
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    I've been trying to set up multiple forms with the same google spread sheet but for some reason, the integration is only working with new spreadsheets, not existing ones.

    Any idea how to make this work?

  • Martein3145
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    @visioncraft Did you find a solution to setup a form that collects some visitor data and puts it inside an internal collection? I see that you can use a Zapier trigger for the form, but I have trouble doing this. Happy if you or someone could set up a guide how this is done. I am using the "Real Estate Agency" template. My goal is to have property owners to input all the images and text by themself. Hope this is possible since this template is very well made.😀

  • Martein3145
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    @visioncraft , @ScottyStrehlow .

    I have managed to setup a Google form that collects some visitor data and puts it inside an internal collection, I use this Zapier. It works, but you need to have only text fields in the Google Form, otherwise you get a error when you testing. Images will be saved in Google Drive in the Forms submission map. You then need to import the images into MediaManager and insert into the collection manually. I have not found a solution also to upload images directly, but that would be awesome. Anyone?