Looking forward to Duda booking engine :)


Hi all,

concerning accommodation websites, I always get involved in some request about booking engine integration. Do you use external app? Could Duda one day integrate in our great platform? Thanks for the feedback.

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  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 673 MVP

    A booking system built in would be AWESOME, I have to admit. Have you searched the Duda Idea Board? There have been a lot of ideas posted. One is in Backlog (the widget) and a few others are under Consideration. Make sure to vote up and share the idea you want considered. The more traction, the better.

  • Eva_Pettifor
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    Just about any of the external booking engines will integrate into Duda, just make sure they provide a code snippet to embed the page into any website.

    I've used Fareharbor for a client before, it worked well (good if they have tours too). Another popular one is Little Hotelier (small hotels or motels) and for camping sites and cabins, my clients mainly use Newbook in Australia but of course the platform should be matched to the type of accommodation bookings you are looking for, and making sure it works well in your country.

    Some of these platforms aren't just for the website, they hook into their office computer systems so they are very robust and form their main diary system for the whole business - so they are a big committment for your client to take on. The companies usually provide training and set up with the client directly.

    Otherwise if you want something low budget for a small provider, some sort of calendar booking system might work but would require more manual input and monitoring on a day to day basis.

  • Raj_Zavery
    Raj_Zavery Member Posts: 16

    It frustrates me that in 2022, the age of covid and online-everything that Duda still haven’t figured out a decent / fairly priced booking solution. 

    vCita, agendize - both over-baked and over charged for. I can buy a lifetime deal of tidycal (calendly alternative) for one-off $30 and Duda still can’t offer me a decent solution at a fair price. I don’t need anymore animations (!) just solid features that my clients need and I can add some profit to! If wiz and squarespace can do it…

    There are 3 different idea posts in the community board requesting bookings added together that’s a sizeable request so absolutely a need but still nothing.

    Maybe third time lucky 🙏🤞? If so when please?

  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 673 MVP

    @Raj_Zavery I know that it is frustrating, but we need to realize. Duda is a website builder. This has to remain their number one priority. I am not saying they shouldn't, or they aren't going to offer a solution because I am almost positive they will. All I am saying is that in the mean time, they offer us apps to help ease the pain some.

    Other platforms offer this, but we have to remember, THEY DIDNT OFFER IT RIGHT AWAY. Wix booking wasn't offered when it launched, and it is still a monthly fee.

    To say that a website editor, has to offer us every tool is a bit far fetched. However, if you look at the Idea Board. The Duda Product Managers are placing ideas in there ( GO HERE ) that gives us hope that they will work on these solutions for us. They just cant work on them until other things are fixed, or made better as a Web Design Platform.

  • gfm
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    Regarding the booking engine solutions for accommodation providers, Hotel Link Solutions also offers an embedding option through code snippet that can be customised on the code and on the front end. It's quite easy and straightforward, but the most important is that it's affordable for the small ones - just a few dollars per month.