Using a script to trigger a redirect with a 3rd party form


I am using a Zeffy(Stripe) donation form embedded on a landing page for my nonprofit. I would like to track form completions from a FB ad campaign. Zeffy will allow me to embed a pixel into their form so my question is only for a temporary solution.

They say it will take a few days to integrate my tracking into their form but we launch now. I can ID ways to trigger a redirect to a thank you page when Zeffy returns confirmation using a script but not familiar with where to place it using Duda. I have the form in the HTML widget but not sure that is the best place for the script since I want the script ready and waiting to be triggered. I'm somewhat new here, I've seen some discussion about custom HTML widgets - would that better suit my needs? It looks like Duda frowns on putting in the <head>.

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  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @VanMadison,

    I checked with my team and this is a bit complex - please reach out to our Support team and someone can help walk through the specifics here.

    Thanks in advance!

  • VanMadison
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    fortunately Zeffy was able to get us going in time, however, I would like to contact y'all about this as I find myself often having to do creative tweaks when integrating other vendors. It would be good to know the best practices here. I will reach out.