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Hi everyone,

How do I set up an online course in the membership pages of my Duda website? Is there a widget I can use, or do I need to create it remotely (eg. owwlish?) and then integrate it into the wbsite?

How can it be done and if with a remote app, which one can you recommend?


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  • visioncraft
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    Whether you can setup your online course using Duda's built-in Membership Plans feature, or need something more, depends on your requirements. There is an article in Duda's Support portal about how to setup and use Memberships in your site — and the article actually mentions how to do it for paid online course pages.

    Duda's built-in Membership features are quite simple and straight-forward, and are suitable for a lot of use-cases. It is also an inexpensive solution, that is easy for you to implement and maintain.

    Unfortunately, there are limitations — for example: you cannot (yet) have dynamically-created Member Profile pages. So if your requirements are a bit more involved or complex, you may need to look at apps and third-party alternatives — and additional costs.


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    Hi Visioncraft,

    thank you lots for making time to answer my question, very helpful, good to know, made it clear in my mind.

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