#TuesdayTips: How to Restore a Deleted Site via API

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Hello again, you beautiful people!

I'm Alex from Duda's Support Team, here to bring a new tip for you guys!

This week I'm bringin' a bit more advanced trick, for those who like using API calls. I'll show you how to restore a deleted site, via API!

Important Notes:

-Sites deleted for over 30 days cannot be restored

You must have the site's ID in order to restore it. A few ways you can try getting it are:

  • Google's cached version of your site has it's ID on it's source code.
  • Your browser history might have the URL address you've used when editing the site, so you could search for its name on the browsing history and get its URL which contains its ID.
  • On the automatic stats email sent, it has an "Open Full Stats" button. The URL the button opens also contains the site's ID.

Helpful Links:

Delete Site API - https://developer.duda.co/reference/sites-delete-site

List Backups API - https://developer.duda.co/reference/site-backups-list-backups

Restore Backup API - https://developer.duda.co/reference/site-backups-restore-site

I hope this can be helpful!

Let's Duda this,


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