Is there a way to make a row "fixed" like a button?


I want to create a floating row on a website, only on mobile view with a couple of icons and text accompanying them. Is there any way for me to make a certain row fixed like a button/social icons can be?


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  • visioncraft
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    The most common use-case for what you are describing is when you want to add an 'extra row' to your navigation header. If that is your case, you can simply do this:

    1. Switch to 'mobile' view in the Editor
    2. Open the Design Editor for the header, and choose the Layout option that has the extra row

    Note that this will change the header layout only for mobile devices — which may be exactly what you want.

    If that doesn't cover what you want to do, then there might still be a few other options. For example, if what you want to do is give your visitors an opportunity to buy/subscribe/contact you when they reach a certain point on the page, you could use Personalization Rules along with a popup, which might be less intrusive than a fixed, floating row.

    If you know a little HTML and CSS, you could also use an HTML Widget to hand-code the section you need, as a fixed-position div. You can hide the widget on desktop and tablet, and make it visible only on mobile.

    And if you're totally comfortable with coding, and this is functionality you're likely to need for other sites in the future, you could build your own custom 'floating section' widget.

    I hope these suggestions might help!

  • courtneyquaresimo
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    The only things you can float are Widgets like Icons, Buttons, Social Icons or a custom widget. You can't float an entire row unless you put it in the header like @visioncraft mentioned.