Prefilled forms using Collection data

EdWalzak Member Posts: 9

I am using collections to create customized landing pages.

I would like the contact form to be pre-flled with firstname and lastname from my collection.

Can I prefill fields in Duda forms? Can I prefill fields in Paperforms?

If I can, can I link to Collection data for prefilled fields?



  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 70 Learner

    We may be able to help you better if you describe what the use-case is in a little more detail, @EdWalzak . A Contact Form is traditionally going to be filled by an anonymous visitor sending a message to the website owner, so it's not clear how you might want to use collection data there…

  • EdWalzak
    EdWalzak Member Posts: 9

    @visioncraft I'd using a collection as a way to do some personalization and data collection.

    For example:

    • I know your name and email but not your phone number.
    • I send email with an offer and use collections to create the personalized landing page.
    • The form asks for First Name, Last Name, Phone Number.
    • First Name and Last Name are pre-populated to reduce friction.

  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 70 Learner

    The best solution for your specific use-case, @EdWalzak, is probably to use Duda's API. There is a short Duda University course on using the API, which gives an example similar to your situation.

    Using the API, and all the features that Duda has built-in, you can develop amazingly customised solutions to help power your sales pipeline. For example, you could create a pipeline where you send your prospects an email directing them to a landing page on your site, where you'll gather some more information on them: ask them basic information about their business, their brand colours, and perhaps even ask them to upload their logo. Then, based on their responses, and using Duda's API you could not only create a custom Landing Page site for each one, but also use Duda's AI Assistant to generate custom content to suit their business.

    The API is by far the most flexible and powerful solution, but does require programming knowledge. If you don't feel comfortable coding, you can use a no-code integration, like Zapier, or hire a Duda Expert to help you out!