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Hi all,

I've been on a search for a CMS for a new project and have been through a cycle of the obvious contenders like Drupal, Wordpress, Webflow etc..

What I am looking to build is a DMO site, something very similar to Discover Puerto Rico. A destination marketing website that contains all relevant info for an island/region. For example, a directory of hotels, places pages, tours, things to do posts and trip planning.

I have had a play with Duda and I love what I see so far. What I am not sure about is whether there are restrictions that will prevent the site from growing on Duda.

For example, I see there is a 1000-page limit. My intention is to end up with way more than that, although I see that number excludes dynamic pages.

Would dynamic pages be akin to a traditional "page template"? It's not obvious how I would structure the site yet within Duda. If I had a section for "Tours" and there were several hundred of them, could they dynamically be created using dynamic pages or does each one of them need a page?

I'm still working through the Duda docs and trying to figure it out, but if anyone can help with those questions above, that would be great.


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    Hey, @Simon , welcome to the Duda community!

    Duda is very scalable indeed. The main issue in building a large marketing site such as the one you described is not the number of records it will hold. The main problem is that as your site attracts more and more visitors, you'll run into issues with your infrastructure being able to handle the visitor traffic. If you ever tried hosting a mammoth Drupal site on a cheap $5/month shared hosting plan, you'll know what I'm talking about. Your site will constantly crash, visitors will give up, and your advertisers will not be happy. Duda avoids all that by hosting your site on super scalable AWS infrastructure, and that means your major possible cause of headaches is already gone.

    As far as handling your records for hotels, tour operators, etc., using dynamic pages and collections is definitely the right approach. The idea is that you enter the data for your hotels, for example, into a collection, and Duda uses a dynamic page template to automatically generate all the pages you need - one for each hotel. As you add, delete or update hotel records in your collection, the new information is automatically reflected on your site.

    If you're planning on growing large, having collections with hundreds or thousands of records, Duda gives you options that allow you to scale as needed - while minimising your costs. To get started, Duda gives you internal collections to use in your site, which are basically 'mini databases' of up to 500 records each. These are very, very easy to implement, and cost you nothing. So, while you're starting, and your numbers are still low, you may want to just use that.

    Once you grow, you can move your data to an external solution, such as Google Sheets or Airtable. And if your needs become really complex, and you find you need to roll-out your own data warehouse solution, you can always create your own SQL database and use it as an external collection. Hope this helps!