About the API to create websites automatically

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Hello, I found it very complicated to start websites for new clients to get their free website with the Duda API, has anyone had a faster experience?



  • visioncraft
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    Working directly with an API is, by its very nature, a little 'complicated'. It's not a 'quick-and-easy' solution, because it's powerful - and with "great power comes great responsibility"! ;-)

    If you're just making the occasional mock-up for a prospective client, it may indeed be faster and more efficient for you to just have a set of custom templates that you designed, and make the changes you need by hand. Where the API shines is when you want to automate your sales pipeline, and potentially setup hundreds/thousands of sites on-demand - and for that use-case, the time and resources you'll spend using the API are definitely worth it!

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    I totally agree with the answer above!
    Interfacing directly with an API can inherently be a tad challenging. It's not your everyday plug-and-play solution, because its strength demands caution—think of it as "with strength comes caution"! 😉

    For the occasional mock-up for a potential client, you might find it more time-efficient to rely on your own customized templates and make manual adjustments. However, the true potential of the API emerges when automating your sales process, especially when setting up vast numbers of sites instantly. In such scenarios, investing time and effort into the API is truly a game-changer!