DudaCon 2023 - Day 1 Highlights 🚀

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Hi Duda Pros!

I realize that many of you may not have time to catch everything from our DudaCon sessions, but that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the insights shared! I've put together some key highlights for each session. And if you did tune in - let me know what your takeaways were. 😄

Plus, you can catch the recordings of Day 1 Session 1 - Is SEO Dead? What AI Means for Client SEO Strategy

The first session of DudaCon kicked off with a spicy topic - Is SEO dead? The short answer is no, but there are significant changes happening that will affect us all. Throughout the discussion was a specific acronym - "SGE", which stands for Search Generative Experience. Speakers Included:

A few of my favorite insights shared:

  • Google's SGE creates deeply immersive search journeys, especially at the top of the funnel. It has its weaknesses but seems boundless.
  • SGE is not going to be separate, it's going to be the new Google search.
  • This is a rare moment where we have the opportunity to experiment as much as we like before it goes live globally.
  • Rumors of SGE launching globally are as early as December 2023.

Bartosz put together some quick steps to prepare:

Session 2 - Your 3-Year Business Plan: Winning Agency Strategies in the Age of AI

It's one thing to figure out how to use AI for your agency today, but planning ahead can feel like drinking from the AI firehose. Luckily, we heard some great strategies from our superheroes (speakers):

A few of my favorite insights shared:

  • AI’s a wonderful tool but it’s still 0s and 1s. It doesn't understand people. Josh has a rule at Fix8 Media, "You are not allowed to use AI to replace thinking."
  • One difference is that human judgment has gone up…what AI allows us to do, is sift through the crap and get to helping where we know they need a superhero to jump in and streamline the process of what’s urgent because every client - everything’s "urgent", right?
  • Your SMB clients should not try to use AI themselves - this panel has seen some horror stories of people publishing completely inaccurate content.
  • It's essential you get the human checks in place before anything goes live.
  • Hannah shared a statement I really like - "Warmth & competency will always be our fundamentals."

Session 3 - Founders AMA: Building a Future-Ready Web Platform for Agencies

Day 1 wrapped up with Duda's co-founders, Amir & Itai, sharing their vision on AI as it relates both to the industry and specifically what Duda is focusing on. Duda will continue rolling out new AI tools within the Duda Editor in the coming months. Even beyond that, there was a quick peek at Amir's vision for Duda's Editor 2.0. Featuring:

A few of my favorite insights shared:

  • AI is not going to replace us. Tools are becoming simpler, and that’s a historical fact. It hasn’t started with AI. It’s much easier today to build a website than it was 10 years ago, and easier than when it was 20 years ago. It's an evolution.
  • It’s not about putting a website on the internet, that’s not an agency’s work. The agency’s work is around building a digital marketing strategy for a small business that will help it grow - let AI take care of automation and remove mundane tasks to make processes simpler.
  • More than 73% of Duda websites are passing the Core Web Vitals test, and Duda is still ranking well above other web-building platforms, recently confirmed by Search Engine Journal.

What are you most excited about from Tuesday's discussions? What do you want to hear more about from Duda? Sound off in the comments! 😀 ⬇️