15 ways to gain 1st time or more monthly recurring revenues for your agency

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Quick tips to gain recurring revenues for your SMB Agency.

  1. Whitelabel Duda, charge hosting, and maintenance.
  2. Add compliance with a markup to all projects.
  3. Add monthly on-page SEO optimization.
  4. If SEO services add in a heat map app and include it in the total price.
  5. Add search bar increased SEO and conversions, add with mark-up.
  6. Add online listings for brick-and-mortar (duda or semrush)
  7. Add SEO-optimized blogs.
  8. Switch site building fees into a monthly fee included in all other fees.
    1. $5,000 build = $1,300 upfront, $1,300 upon publish, $2400 over 24 months, equals $200/mo. Easier to get them to sign longer if payment is induced.
  9. Upsell chat features and online booking. (price w/ mark-up).
  10. Revenue share referral program.

Feel free to ask questions, provide new insights, and let's have a great discussion.


  • courtneyquaresimo
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    @TIP Great tips for SMB Agencies! Leveraging white-label solutions, bundling services, and optimizing SEO can significantly boost your recurring revenue potential. The idea of switching site building fees into a monthly model is particularly smart for long-term client relationships. Plus, upselling chat features and online booking is a win-win for both businesses and clients. Thanks for sparking this insightful discussion!

  • ScottyStrehlow
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    @TIP - congratulations, you've been selected to win some official Duda swag as part of our Duda AI Insights Giveaway! 🎉

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  • visioncraft
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    Thank you for the tips, @TIP!

    1. What apps/tools do you use for your suggestions #2, #3, #4, #5 and #9?
    2. In #8, if my math is correct, $2,400 ÷ 24 = $100/month (not $200) — which makes your suggestion even more attractive. We have found that most of our SMB clients will only redo their website every 3-4 years, which means that we could actually reduce the hosting costs even further if they were to signup upfront.
    3. Could you expand on #10? Do you mean that we could setup something like an 'affiliate' program? If so, how would you go about setting it up - i.e, which apps/tools to use, and how do you work it with the client?