Getting new leads using AI chatbots

DennisK Member Posts: 2

I market that I will build companies FREE AI based chatbots for their website to get a foot in the door and then upsell them on more of my services. Plus the monthly hosting cost is such that it pays for the work done within a few months.


  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 70 Learner

    Hey, @DennisK, would love to hear more about your sales approach.

    Assuming that you're approaching a company that does not have a Duda site currently, do you initially offer to build a chat bot that they can host on their non-Duda site? If so, how and when do you then segue the conversation into rebuilding their site in Duda?

  • DennisK
    DennisK Member Posts: 2

    Yes, I build it for them on their existing site. You just need a foot in the door to start building trust with your client. After that, I pitch them our lead generation and digital marketing services. When they are ready for a new web platform or want to start a new business/product line I pitch them on Duda. Here is an example of a project we are busy with for a law firm:

  • sbde
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    It's a great idea for lead-gen and something a lot of businesses need!