Setting up a domain with email hosted elsewhere, need MX Record adding?


I am ready to point my domain at Duda, but I have email hosted elsewhere. If I change the DNS settings you provide, will I need to do anything to ensure my emails continue working or won't it affect that?

I found one thread where someone's email had stopped working when they went live and they were told to get MX records/s from their email host and add that information to the registrar.

Do we always need to add MX records for email when setting up a domain to point to Duda? Even if the registrar is the email host?

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  • courtneyquaresimo
    courtneyquaresimo Member Posts: 183 Leader

    As long as your MX records are in you domain registrar, there will not be any interuption.

  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 130 Learner

    It's helpful to have a basic (or better) understanding of DNS and nameservers.
    Wherever you register your domain, you would set what are called, "nameservers".
    They look like:

    Often, you will use the nameservers of your registrar. Or, your web guy might have you set his nameservers. Or, you might set the nameservers to GoDaddy (if you host a website there, but keep the domain registration separate).

    It is at the nameserver that you would manage the "DNS settings".
    This is where you add the records/codes for the website (A@ records and CNAMEs), or TXT records for authenticating Google and other tools. And where you also manage your MX records (for email).

    If you are not moving nameservers, then your email should not be affected. As long as whomever is changing the website records doesn't mess with the MX settings.

    If one loses email when switching websites, it is most likely because they have switched nameservers (and neglected to add the MX records to the new DNS manager).
    Or, the email service is terminated if it was included with web hosting and you let that account expire.

    I hope that all makes sense :-)