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I've been asked this many times over the years since being with Duda. "Why can't I host the site myself" or "I would really feel more comfortable with hosting my own site."

I have countered that with, "thats just how it is" - in nicer terms of course lol. I do explain the technical answer but it still makes some uncomfortable.

What response are you giving to those types of questions?


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    I usually counter with why do you want to be a hosting company? If they counter with 'there are cheaper options out there' I counter with, 'and they are all usually far less secure'.

    Then I remind them that they can't host a Wix site, Squarespace site, or Shopify site on their own hosting. That usually ends things because most don't really want to host their website themselves, they just want to understand 'why' they can't host their website.

    WordPress is great, but it has trained people to see the hosting and web development as separate elements that don't need to be connected. And this isn't WordPress.

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    Our typical new client already has a website - and 9 times out of 10 it will be a Wordpress monstrosity that has fallen over itself. They have had issues, and are looking for "good quality" rather than 'bargain basement pricing'. We deal almost exclusively with small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), and in this space there are virtually no clients that want to host their own website - they're already too busy juggling their time trying to run their business. Questions about 'hosting' - and being able to 'host their own site' - are often masking other fears and pain points based on their previous bad experiences. Their usual pain points, which Duda makes it easy for us to address, are:

    • How stable and secure will the website be? - what is the SLA of the hosting company, do they have firewalls/anti-hacking features in place, will I need to update the site myself, what do I do when I run into an issue? - all typical issues that someone who has had a nightmarish Wordpress site will ask.
    • How easy is it to find other Duda developers? What happens if I decide that I'd like to use someone else? Will I be locked-in with you guys? How easy will it be to find someone else to help out?

    We found that as long as we address these questions adequately, the client will be happy..

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