Is there a way to edit the Connected Data footer Business hours beyond what is there?


Basically, they have some days that are "by appointment only", but the connected data widget only allows for Business hours, or All Day. And if you choose nothing for that day, the footer shows "closed". Is there a way to edit these options further?



  • visioncraft
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    edited October 2023

    The "Business Hours" that you enter in the Content → Business Info section is used by Duda to generate structured data that it automatically adds to your site. "Structured data" is text metadata that is added to the <head> section of your page, and which the search engines use to show search results in a way that is nicer for the business - eg., they might show the business logo, links to social media pages, and opening hours. For the opening hours to be understood by the search engines, they must follow the formatting dictated by the Structured Data specs.

    Unfortunately, the specs don't allow for opening hours "by appointment". The idea here is that we specify regular open hours during certain days of the week — and it's assumed the business is normally closed on days that don't have open hours. That is how the structured data for the business must be formatted.

    That doesn't mean that you can't put different types of open hours on your website — you certainly can. Probably the best way to approach this is to add the regular opening hours in the Content → Business Info → Business Hours section, like you have now. Then, to display the hours in your footer, either:

    - add the Business Hours widget to the footer, but then add a Text widget that explains that "Saturday and Sunday times are available by appointment", or

    - don't use the Business Hours widget at all, and simply list the opening hours in a Text (or other) widget, in any way you like. The only drawback here is that if the business decides to change their business hours, they must remember to do it in 2 places: the footer, and in Content → Business Info.

    Let us know whether these suggestions help!