Custom Trigger Tag for GA4?

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With Universal Analytics, installed via GTM, we need/needed to create a custom Tag/Trigger.

Do we need to do the same with GA4?

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  • Russ_Jeffery
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    Hey @Bruce_McCaughan,

    I can confirm what @Sheyla says. If you're using Google Tag Manager, you need to implement your own tracking on your own.

    If you use Duda's built-in Google Analytics (Gtags/ga4), we automatically submit events like click-to-call, form submits, etc.. into Google Analytics.


  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Just seeing if I get points for answering my own question. :-)

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Sorry @Sheyla , gonna have to reject your answer too :-)

    Any chance you could get Russ or someone to chime in on this question? Much appreciated if you can.

  • community_manager
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    Hey Bruce! Although I can't compete with @Russ_Jeffery, I can confirm that the answer is yes, and you'll need to trigger the event mentioned in this support article:

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Thank you @Sheyla and @Russ_Jeffery ,

    I was speaking specifically about the custom "dPageView" event (and its trigger) in Tag Manager.

    Sounds like that is needed* in both cases: UA and GA4.

    Which is the info I was after.

    Now, I have follow up questions.

    1) Needed* ?: Is it correct that we can just use the default Tag Manager pageview event and we will still get data? It's just that we won't automatically get the stuff Duda tracks for us (click-to-call, form submits, etc.). We would need to set up tracking for these events on our own. Right?

    2) Is there a list somewhere of exactly what Dida tracks? (the "etc." mentioned above).

    3) Does the video below require the dPageView custom event to be used? Or is this an example of setting up a specific event (a specific button click) regardless of our pageview tag?

    4) If we use the custom dPageView event, we will automatically get (click-to-call, form submits, etc.) sent to our own Google Analytics, but it will just be the same global totals we get with Duda's onboard analytics. If we want to track these more granularly, we would need to set up each on its own. And for the granular tracking, the custom dPageView would not be needed. **Are these statemets correct?

    Sorry if my questions seem redundant. It is difficult to ask these types of questions in a forum (a lot of IFs and ORs that could be clarified is actually speaking). For the most part, I am more than happy to configure my Google Analytics without the auto-tracked stuff by Duda (forms and clicks to call). I am just trying to understand this correctly.

    Thank you for your previous answer and for bearing with me :-)



  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Legend @Russ_Jeffery ! Thank you!