Can I automatically publish when new items added to a collection?

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If I am connecting a Google Sheet or Airtable to a collection, can I set my site to automatically publish when new entries are added to the Sheet/Airtable?

The documentation says "Changes to external collections update automatically every hour" but I don't know if that also means the public pages will be published and visible, or if I have to log in and hit publish after every update.

Reference info on Collections:


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  • visioncraft
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    In the spirit of full disclosure: I'm a Duda newbie, so my answer might not be 100% correct. I also haven't yet created a Google Sheet or Airtable collection. But based on the Support articles on dynamic pages and collections, my understanding is that:

    • the whole idea of linking dynamic pages to external data sources - like Google Sheets or Airtable tables - is that the client can update the data outside of Duda, with their own internal processes, if needed. You definitely shouldn't need to republish the site when the customer updates the external data source - i.e., you should only need to republish if you update your template design inside Duda.
    • according to the support article on Google Sheets Collections, your row data is updated "automatically". My understanding of that is that your updated data from the Google Sheet should appear on the site (almost) immediately.
    • according to the support article on Airtable Collections, your data is updated "automatically every hour". My understanding of that is that your data is updated once per hour, so if you update your Airtable data now, it may take up to an hour for the data to show up on your site.

    Test it out, and let us know if this is correct! 👍

  • Aj_Cre8
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    You do not need to republish when adding rows to a collection. The Duda API will refresh the data for you automatically. If you make changes to the site (not on the dynamic database) you need to republish. When Duda automatically refreshes, it only refreshes your data, and the dynamic pages; not your site.