Question of the Week: What Do You Think About Paperform?

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This week, @ShawnCCG asked:

“Has anyone used the Paperform app? Are there any reviews from this group?”

Here's what the community had to say:


“I found on mobile the frame size was difficult to adjust and Duda and Paperform developers could not solve either, so just be aware. Besides that quite good D”


“I have been thoroughly impressed with Paperform and built a completely custom appointment form that includes handling eCommerce transactions with integrating into the company calendar and automating multiple follow up actions. My advice is to use their chat on their homepage for service, they absolutely crushed my questions and went way beyond most other companies I've dealt with to help me get the form just right. I would give them a shot before moving on, I think you will be happy.”


“PAPERFORM has an awesome support team that goes the extra mile for you. JOTFORM-Support - at least in german - is a pure catastrophe!”


The only thing I didn’t like about paperform was the single question per page setting made the submit button below the fold so the user would have to scroll down then scroll back up to answer the next question.


I never really could get into it. We are big fans of JotForm though and we're still learning our new one that we found on AppSumo called formaloo.


I love Paperform, I can't say I've had any issues with it on mobile, but I also haven't used any of their templates. I honestly think it's important to create your own from scratch so you have a better understanding of how it works. It's a pretty powerful app, especially with the answer piping and automated custom PDFs.


I use Paperform and love it!


I've been using it for a reasonably complex logic form, it's terrible. I'm currently rebuilding the form using aidaform instead


I found jotform can do everything paperforn can do and more..and it's better value too

Have you used Paperform? Tell us in the comments!