How to Transfer a Duda Site to a Different User Account

Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 213 MVP
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Duda has released an AMAZING improvement when it comes to site transfers. I discovered this last week while working with a new client and really thought this was something worth sharing across the Duda Community. Enjoy!

For step-by-step instructions, go here:

Quick Video Tutorial:



  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 612 MVP

    @Thomas_Connery This is such an awesome feature for Duda pro's.

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
    Elizabeth_Fedak Member Posts: 106 MVP

    Awesome!!!! I didn't catch that one!

  • Jim_Bishop
    Jim_Bishop Member Posts: 4

    Yes, I have already used it. Very fast, great feature!

  • Rene
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    I love, love, love this feature. Used it 5 times so far. My Ecwid stores came of intact. Hopefully they will get that all straight with all of the apps they offer. It should be standard for all of them. Having a bit of fun getting vCita transferred so far.

  • joaoUpSites
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    It's great feature! I'm involved in migration of many customers and this save me a bunch of time!

  • r_cpamg
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    Hello guys,

    Please help.

    Our published sites didn't transfer, and it's now missing on our old editor.

    I recorded my 3-min video:

  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 612 MVP

    You need to get in touch with support ASAP...

  • community_manager
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    +1 on @Aj_Cre8's comment - this looks like it needs to be reviewed by our support team.

  • r_cpamg
    r_cpamg Member Posts: 7

    Thank you @Aj_Cre8 and @Sheyla,

    I hope we can still retrieve the website, we spent hours creating that website and it's already published.

  • r_cpamg
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    I hope there's a log saying what specific error happened 😓

    and also an email confirmation from the account owner to proceed with the transfer.

    Because if they hired a freelancer, they can move all the websites without any permissions from the owner.