Monthly Community Digest - April '22 Edition

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Hello 👋

It's the start of a new month, which means it's time for our Community Monthly Digest. At the beginning of every month, we'll share a digest of interesting posts, new League members, important updates, and anything you might have missed (but shouldn't have!) over the course of the month. So without further ado, let's dive in!

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Introducing ‘Spotlight’

We've started to add more dynamic elements to the Duda Community homepage. The first is Spotlight, a curated feed of trending conversations and important announcements.

We're also collecting feedback for our upcoming redesign, so don't be shy - tell us what we could be doing better.

Member of the Month: Shane Hodge

Congratulations to @Shane_Hodge, April’s member of the month. This month's nomination comes as no surprise as Shane has always been a big part of Duda Community. Thanks for being a rockstar, Shane!

Welcome New Members

A big welcome to all of our new members who joined in April! 🎉 We're thrilled you're here.

@Nikos, @Mon , @DCultice, @PaulM, @dynamicNerds, @RalfYussef, @stcode, @Yoddycat, @REV77, @khena25, @AndresDuran, @icu2, @YadYap, @AMI, @Dale_Bunnett2022, @JohnKrol, @Roger, @Laura_Zohar1, @SamCarts, @JR_ODM, @KlaasM, @Sitespark_2022, @akhilpaul, @Derek, @Carol_Cordioli, @DebbieN, @Sylvia, @Arrezbrayan, @Kyle_Ward, @barbaracarneiro, @rmcellig and @Artem!

Product Updates

New Template: Private School

This gorgeous new Flex template is a great place to start the next time you want to build a website for schools, colleges, camps, summer camps and more.

Connected Data: Table Widget

You can now connect the table widget to any collection. With collections you can easily manage the content of the table: reorder rows, use Airtable & Google Sheets to populate tables with content, add an image and a rich text column and exceed the table widget's 30X30 limit.

What’s the community talking about?

The League

Congratulations to our Leaderboard rockstars. You’ve really racked up points during this month!

@JamieT, @cameronrr, @Macauley_Smith, @Joel_Phillips, @Jacob, @Jade_Keevins, @Pedro_Perez, @Josh_Neimark, @Alastair_Manning, @courtneyquaresimo, @Paul_Lancieri, @Bruce_McCaughan, @MattW, @Creativore_Studio, @Amanda_Ryan, @Nick_Whiting, @Gunnar_Dickson, @Bill_Sholar and @Lars_Briesemeister 🔥

You’re so close to becoming a Learner!

That's a wrap! ☺️ Stay tuned for the next Monthly Community Digest!