Is there a way to create a forum/community?

KC_Uyo Member Posts: 5

A lot of my clients are digging the new membership capabilities. I keep getting asked about creating a forum/community area where members can interact with each other. Basically, just like this Duda community. Is that possible or in the works?


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 68 MVP

    Hi @KC_Uyo, I can't imagine Duda would build user community features into the platform but I guess you never know.

    Instead, I would look on Appsumo for potential user community software solutions and set one up as a sub domain. Maybe or something like that. You can always check the Duda ideas board and request a community enhancement if what you are looking for is not already on the list. This way, the community and website are always separate in case you need to make some significant changes. It would be easier to manage overall I think.

    I used a while back to create my own unofficial Duda community before this one existed. It was a fun experiment. Good luck!

  • the_duda_app_guy
    the_duda_app_guy Member Posts: 15 App Team

    @KC_Uyo I am actually actively looking for a few app solutions that would offer this! I have a few we are in initial conversations with but hope to have something live in our app store soon. Nothing that you would be able to provide immediately but it is very much on my radar.

  • wndzbug
    wndzbug Member Posts: 1

    I'm also looking for a community forum solution for my Duda site set to publish in the next two weeks. Has anyone been successful in linking one? I have only seen expensive options, and I need something fast and free for now, as my site is a non-profit with almost no budget until donations start to roll in.