Duda’s Monthly Community Roundup - May 2023

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Hi Duda Pros,

Summer is on its way ☀️, and so are a ton of new product updates and solutions from the Community! Check out the latest solutions, product updates, & member highlights from the past month.

Member Kudos

@Fabien - The suggestions and solutions you shared really came in handy for members, and were highly searched for this month! 

@Thomas_Connery - You’ve jumped in and provided quick, concise answers to several questions. Thanks for the fast help! 

@Aj_Cre8 - The solutions you shared provided great details and examples - the context is appreciated by your fellow members!

Helpful Discussions

How to Combine Duda Templates

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite parts of a few templates to build your own? It’s easier than you think!

Ideas for Animated Graphics

Some members are experimenting with animations and discussed some tools you can use. Some tools to help include Lottie, Buying Buddy, and CommonNinja. Have you ever added animation styles?

How to Build with Duda Flex

Duda Flex can really help with efficiency - but where do you start? Check out this quick tutorial from Duda’s own Product Designer, Anath.

Product Updates & New Features

Say Hello to Duda’s AI Content Assistant

To kick off the integration of AI capabilities within Duda, you’ll find the AI Assistant ready and waiting where you spend most of your time when building a site - creating and optimizing content using the Text widget. This is the very first step in our planned long-term investment in AI.

Helpful Media Management Updates

The team has released several media-related updates - requested specifically from Duda customers! These will help you simplify your site design workflow & speed up production time. This includes:

  • Choose not to compress images on mobile devices
  • Import images from a site by entering the site's URL in the media manager
  • Review media files in a new list view to easily see each image's details like name & date.
  • Better folder functionality, where any files you upload will go directly to that folder
  • Set site files to no index, giving you control over whether or not a certain site file will be crawled and indexed by Google or other search engines.
  • Icon widgets

The New Media Slider - Now with Video!

We'd like to introduce to you the new Media Slider widget, offering many new and improved layouts, video slides and even text-only slides, and allowing you to customize it the way you want. Sliders on sites can be an effective interactive tool for visitors to browse content in a more focused and organized way.

  • New layouts to choose from
  • Add video slides
  • Add text-only slides
  • Control playback, transition, design & more

Community Events

Houston In-Person Meetup on June 22nd

Calling agencies in Texas! We’re saddling up for our next Duda Meetup in Houston on Thursday, June 22nd to talk about leveraging AI. Enjoy food, drinks, networking, and an open panel discussion about how you can scale your agency with AI efficiencies.

Thank you all for your continued contributions to our platform. Your participation in discussions, sharing insights, and offering valuable feedback have helped make the Duda Community a vibrant hub for inspiration, learning, and connecting with fellow Duda Pros! 🙌