Duda’s Monthly Community Roundup - July 2023 ✨

ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 343 Duda Staff

Hey Duda Pros!

We're back with some of the best highlights from July ☀️. Check out some of the latest solutions, product updates, and member highlights from the last month!

Member Kudos

@tcross - Thanks for alleviating some headaches when it comes to domain usage! 

@Bruce_McCaughan - You’ve given some great advice and help with using specific tools in the Duda Editor. Great work! 

@Marvin - Pop-ups to the rescue! Thanks for sharing how this is a solution for age verification.

Introducing #TuesdayTips

We're thrilled to launch our new series of tips & tricks, where you'll find valuable insights to enhance your skill set - straight from Duda team members and customers. You can find these in a new category of the community - Tips & Tricks.

Do you have a tip that you want us to feature? DM @ScottyStrehlow for more information!

How to Edit Text Alignment with CSS

Sometimes a site theme needs more customization. Check out some CSS code that can help center Headings while keeping paragraphs right-justified. Thanks for the help here @Thomas_Connery & @Aj_Cre8!

12 New & Stunning Duda Flex Sections

The team has added a collection of 12 new sections for you to choose from and use, all built with Flex, including Plans, Contact, and more! Try Them Out

New Booking App: Book Like a Boss

Quickly & easily offer calendar-based or non-calendar-based services, set up appointments, host events or launch classes, sell digital products, multiple session bookings, donation/tip widgets, or even memberships! Learn More & Start a Free Trial

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community! Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. ⭐️