👋 Welcome New Community Members! - Aug. 24th, 2023

ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 343 Duda Staff

Hi Everyone,

Let's welcome our newest Duda Pros to the Community! 🎉

For everyone tagged as a new member, we're so happy that you're here and can't wait to learn more about you. 🤓

If you haven't already, check out our Getting Started Guide which will help you complete your profile and start posting like a pro. We've also got a great section called Tips & Tricks where you can find solutions & gain skills.

A Warm Welcome to…



@MrZee1, from Photozinnthesis


@Cindy, from Marketing 2 Go

@Sascha, from Netpulse AG


@Marca, from MarcaMedia


@Thadaus, from Saturation

@Emmanuel, from Noirtec

@JohnDeenB, from MyCali Designs

@nathanreimchevu, from Conversion Technologies



@Ascending, Amplifier of all things alchemy

@jen_woslager253, from Integrity PNW

We're excited to have you join! Let us know where you're joining from, and anything you'd like us to know about you! This space is here to help you achieve your goals using Duda and in your overall business.


  • visioncraft
    visioncraft Member Posts: 158 Learner

    Thank you for the welcome - so happy to be here!

    I'm based in Sydney, Australia, and have been designing and hand-coding websites for over 20 years. I've also taught Graphic Design, and am a specialist Brand Developer.

    I'm totally new to Duda, but hoping I can gradually transition my entire web development work to using it, in order to streamline my site production, optimise project times, and reduce my costs!