Duda’s Monthly Community Roundup - August 2023 ✨

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Hey Duda Pros!

We're back with some of the best highlights from August☀️. Check out some of the latest solutions, product updates, and member highlights from the last month!

Member Kudos

@visioncraft - The moment you joined, you’ve added a ton of great conversations with members, as well as some great questions. We see an All-Star ⭐ in the making! 😉

@Thomas_Connery - You were the ultimate guide in August, with a total of 6 verified answers. Way to help your fellow Duders! 

@Sitefolk - We applaud your quick answer to help a builder revert to a backup version of their website to help with edits.👏

Duda Community All-Stars 🌟

We've recently kicked off a new benefit of the Duda Community - winning site discounts! Members are entered each month based on their participation. This can be anything from a how-to video to providing detailed answers to questions that arise. Have a topic you want to discuss? Start the conversation here. You have valuable knowledge - share it and get rewarded! Learn More


  • 1st place - 100% off a new Duda website
  • 2nd place - 50% off a new Duda website
  • 3rd place - 25% off a new Duda website

*An agency or business can only receive an All-Stars award once in the year 2023.

Creating Proposals & Quotes for Clients

Are you a new agency? Take a look at what Duda Pros suggest for creating proposals & quotes. A few suggested include Plutio, Bitrix24, and Dubsado. Have a favorite of your own? Share it in the comments!

Join Industry Experts at DudaCon - Sept. 12th - 14th

This year’s DudaCon is jam-packed with 9 sessions, 29 speakers, and conversations to help you future-proof your agency. You won’t want to miss it. Save Your Spot

*Each day starts at 10am PST / 1pm EST

Save Time with Duda’s AI for SEO

We’ve added a brand new native AI tool for SEO to help you instantly generate page meta titles and descriptions for your site.

Our team is really excited to roll out more AI tools this year, and as you can see from the photo below, we're very serious about AI. 😉

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community! Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. ⭐️