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Almost every web designer has received the dreaded request: "Can you build my site on Wordpress?". We may often feel stuck for a good response to convince them of the advantages of Duda and it's a good idea to have a standard answer ready to copy and paste for these types of enquiries.

Be sure to check out this article as it outlines the security and ease of use of Duda:

A side-by-side comparison on how Duda beats WordPress in 11 categories

I have summarised some advantages for a client to use Duda.

  • Website software updates and feature upgrades are continually included across all sites automatically, no need for manual updates = ALWAYS RUNNING THE LATEST VERSION
  • The platform is FAST, SEO OPTIMISED and runs on world renowned Amazon servers
  • There will be no issues with external plugins crashing when there is a software or server update = PEACE OF MIND
  • The general security is tighter, the platform scripts are locked from hackers. Wordpress is open source and hackers can access the code and learn how to get into a website = SECURE
  • The editor is lovely (easy/fun) to use to manage your site - MUCH nicer than Wordpress! = EASY TO USE
  • Many cool WIDGETS are included as standard (you could list any that suit the client eg notifications, sliders etc) and any other special widgets are part of the platform, not a tacked on extra which would normally bloat a site, slow it down and create security issues

As a disclaimer, if the client needs a sophisticated Blog, Wordpress isn't out of the question and may be a good fit. But for all of my clients who need a business website that works to convert browsers into buyers, Duda will be the perfect choice.

Feel free to comment below on how you handle the dreaded Wordpress question :)


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    Great resource @Eva_Pettifor!

  • Philip_Ellis
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    I can't ever go back to WordPress now that I've found Duda. :)

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Go Eva nice work.

  • Lesli
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    This is great Eva.

    We must have a read the same playbook because I tell my clients the same exact things.

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    Age old question! Nice @Eva_Pettifor Thank you

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    Hello everybody. We're about to switch on Duda from WP for scalability reasons and, in that field, Duda is absolutely the best choice.


    Coming in the fields of app to add features, WP is absolutely unbeatable, and I can give you a simple example.

    For our sites we need appointment booking and a way to show events. For WP there are so many plugins, free and commercial, that you can't count them, but not for Duda. We was used to Latepoint (commercial)for appointment booking and Modern Events Calendar (free) for Events.

    There is nothing on Duda that comes even close to the functionality of Latepoint (which costs about $80 lifetime) and nothing as free as MEC or, better, we haven't found anything by now.

    Another example comes from e-commerce. We badly need a feature - present in Woocommerce - where we can set sale prices scheduled so that the sale price is active from 1st of May until 15 of May without setting it manually. That's not possible with Ecwid and there's no way to do that automatically.

    So Duda has a lot of bell and whistles surely but, in terms of features, I've yet to find something better than WP. Btw we need scalability so Duda will be our final choice, if we found a solutions for our needs.

    These are my two cents...

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    I think most in this group will agree that you are correct - WordPress has a LOT OF PLUGINS that make them better (or worse). But the issue with WordPress plugins is of course the fact that they are unsecure! If something isn't updated when WordPress update - Broken. Hackers are always going after the top plugins and finding vulnerabilities and taking control or removing millions of websites (not the business owners fault, but they suffer). Themes have been known to violate WordPress T&C and that has caused millions of sites to vanish (not the business owners fault, but they suffer).

    Just about anything you need in Duda can be built in the Widget Builder. If you cant build it in the widget builder then you can use an App from the App Store. If you don't want to use an App then you can find a software company (SaaS) who does what you need, and integrate with their API, or inject it directly on the site (I do not recommend injecting 3rd party scripts onto your Duda Site).

    So, just because there are plugins for everything on WordPress doesn't mean its a better choice. The fact that Plugins have to be used are what creates 80% of the security issues that you WILL NOT SEE in Duda.

  • Digitaltown
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    You're absolutely correct. Plugins in WP are the good and bad part of the game and also they cause a lot of trouble conflicting one another and posing security problems.

    That's why we switched to Duda.

    But it's also true that they offer a solution for the customer's need because with these plugins I can tell the customer "Hey, I've the solution for you and it cost you ***" meanwhile in Duda I simply can't do that since, as you can imagine, I can't tell the customer that he has to pay for the development of an App where, in WP, there's a plugin more powerful that cost $29 :-)

    That's why I'm somewhat frustrated but maybe is just a problem switching mindset from WP to Duda.