Website policies (privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer, etc)

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Hi everyone - I'm Hans from Termageddon, a website policies generator for small businesses and nonprofits.

Just wanted to let everyone know I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about website policies or anything else.

Feel free to reply to this discussion if you have any questions around website policies and I'll follow up!

Please note that any feedback I provide is not legal advice.


  • Aj_Pfeil
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    Hey @Hans_Skillrud

    Welcome to the community.. Great to have you here. We at Cre8 My Site, love the product, service and use you on all our sites.. We were EXTREMELY PUMPED to see yall get added to the Duda App Store...

    Just wanted to say Welcome...

  • Hans_Skillrud
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    Hey hey! Thanks so much for the kind words! We are honored to be on the Duda App Store and are pumped to make our policies more accessible to this community!

  • We use Termageddon exclusively on every site we produce. Hans and the team continue to improve the platform. We were a relatively really adopter before it was a Duda app...

  • TonyJ
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    Hi Hans,

    am I correct in saying that when I purchase the Termageddon app it also includes the Usercentrics popup for GDPR

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