Duda’s Community Roundup - December 2023 Edition ✨

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Happy New Year, Everyone! 🎉

I hope all of you were able to take some time away from the computer and spend it with loved ones. The Duda team is feeling refreshed, and we've got a TON of great things planned for 2024. But first, take a look back at the last month and stay caught up on the latest.

Congrats to Our Top All-Stars of December!

@Jacob - You’ve shared some great ideas for furthering Duda’s AI Assistant capabilities, and we’re excited to share more features this year!

@NewJerseyNik - You just started using Duda and you’re already asking great questions! Check back for answers and keep ‘em coming. That’s what we’re here for! 

@tommyhouse - Congratulations on one year in the Duda Community! The recent updates you’ve made to your profile make us smile.

Member’s favorite websites from 2023

As we closed out the year, members shared websites that they were most proud of this year. Take a look, add yours, and get inspired!

How to Use the Spacer widget to expand a row

Sometimes the spacing on rows doesn’t look quite right. An easy fix for this, shared by @Thomas_Connery is to use the Spacer widget to expand a row, where you can customize the height. Learn More

Duda Editor 2.0 - Answers to Common Questions

The Duda Product team is making moves on a new & improved Editor. Check out answers to common questions, a live Q&A with our Product team, and a sign-up list for early access. Get the Details

Duda's Lattest Product Enhancements

Our Product team finished up the year with a ton of enhancements and new features, including the option to redirect form submitters to any page you’d like. See All Updates

Power your 2024 strategy with data insights

There's an upcoming webinar on Thursday, January 18th at 10am PT. Duda's Director of Content, @santiclarke will dive into new research that can help you shape your AI strategy this year. Santi will also be joined by @Ruan_Marinho, owner of Develomark. Save Your Spot

Thanks for being a member of the Duda Community! Check back regularly for new conversations, updates and solutions.🧡